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Nominating Student Work for Publication in Best Student Essays

Publication in our magazine can greatly bolster a student’s budding interest in literary and scholarly pursuits, or supplement a student’s record of research and publication. For a student to be considered for publication in BSE, he or she must receive faculty nomination—a simple process. Nomination forms are available on our website on the right side of this page under Documents. You can click on it to download the form. (If you have problems with the forms, please email us at Students may submit any nonfiction piece from current and past classes, as well as any personal piece written at another school. All that is required is a short, several-sentence statement from a faculty member on the merits of the given piece. Each nomination form has a section at the bottom for this statement. Students are responsible for turning in their essays and completed nomination forms by the submission deadline. Once submitted, each essay receives a close, blind-jury reading by a panel of judges from various disciplines. A cash prize is awarded for the top selection.

Using Best Student Essays in the Classroom

BSE has recently entered classrooms as a text to supplement instruction in essay writing. The magazine offers students the unique opportunity to analyze the writing of their peers from many disciplines, and provides numerous examples of successful orthodox and unorthodox essay structure. A key criterion for publication in BSE is cogent support of argument, and essays in BSE provide accessible, high-quality examples of such support created by students. The magazine also features essays by writers with a wide range of experience levels, from PhD students to English 101 and 102 students. Each essay demonstrates the finest writing from the author’s given academic level, and in some cases demonstrates a caliber of writing and research well beyond. Reading the published writing of their peers can uniquely inspire those students in your classes with emerging literary and scholarly interests.

All essays published in BSE are rigorously copyedited, reflecting the skill of the magazine’s student staff, as well as their occasional, illuminating mistakes. Many back issues, as well as the current issue of BSE is available online free of charge, allowing students easy access to the magazine. Issues of BSE from past years are also available in hard copy for classes of most sizes, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To use BSE in your class, to receive issues, or to get more information, please contact or call (505) 277-5656.

Updated September 2, 2015

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