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About Best Student Essays

Best Student Essays (BSE) is the premiere nonfiction student review of the University of New Mexico. It is published biannually by the UNM Student Publications Board and solicits nonfiction writing from UNM undergraduate and graduate students. BSE publishes all genres of nonfiction including essays, research, scientific writing, memoirs, photo essays, foreign language with English translation, and more. BSE considers nonfiction written for UNM coursework, nonfiction written at other institutions, and students' personal nonfiction writing. The submission deadline for publication in the Fall issue is generally in early October. The deadline for the Spring issue is generally in early March.

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Our Staff

Volunteer staff positions are filled by UNM students on an application basis. No previous publication experience is required for consideration. For more information, or for staff applications, please email

Updated January 30, 2016

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