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Spring 2011. Vol. 23 No 1

Spring 2011 Issue: Out Now!

By Sarah Parro
The Spring 2011 issue of Best Student Essays is now out for your literary enjoyment!

A Clockwork Orange: The Intersection Between a Dystopia and Human Nature

By Samantha Moya
An archetypal depiction of a dystopia is one dominated by bleakness and roboticism, a totalitarian government enforcing upon the people a lifestyle that lulls them into a state of obedience. Anthony Burgess’ 1963 novel, A Clockwork Orange, is a nightmarish vision of future Britain, one in which behavioral modification is taken to dangerous extremes in the quest for preserving the order of a disconnected society. In many ways, A Clockwork Orange differs from the standard prototype of the dystopian sub-genre.

The Words of Unhappiness

By Melissa Hobbs
The search for happiness is the driving force in Samuel Johnson’s History of Rasselas Prince of Abissinia. By examining the two core words, quiet and novelty, and exploring the lexicon used in relation to each, it becomes apparent that man cannot be happy in Rasselas because the dual qualities that afford happiness are actually in fundamental conflict with each other.

UNM Standards Rise as Education Disappears: The Top-Down Effect

By Roy Gonzales
I would like to paint a visual aid in your mind now, so that you remember the points I make throughout this essay. Picture the Statue of Liberty: crown like royalty, book in one hand, torch in the other as if to reach for the sky, calm sea waters all around her, standing tall and proud…better yet, BEAUTIFUL! Am I right? Now, let’s change a few things.
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